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DIY Polka Dotted Nail Art

Summers are here and pastel shades are so much in Fashion! How about a fun DIY (Do It Yourself) Nail Art that can be easily done at home using minimal nail art tools. Sounds great, right? Without any further delay, lets jump straight into the DIY Nail Art!

For this Polka Dotted Nail Art, you need:

  • Nail Paints in Pastel Shades, White, Black and Transparent Top Coat.

  • Dotting Tool (You can also use a toothpick or the tip of a ball point pen in case, dotting tools aren’t available).

The picture below illustrates what Dotting Tools look like:

Step One: Paint a coat of white nail paint on your nails. This ensures maximum opacity of the pastel shades and would act as a base coat as well. Let it dry.

Step Two: Once the white nail polish is dry, paint your nails with a pastel shade of your choice. I used five different colours for 5 of my fingers, you may use as per your convenience and availability. The colours I have used are Sky Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Yellow and Lavender. Let the nail paint dry.

Step Three: Now take a dotting tool, and take some Black Nail Paint on a palette. Make a few dots on your nails, spacing them out in a symmetric manner. Let it dry.

Step Four: Once the black dots have dried, take another side of the dotting tool. Then take some white polish on the dotting tool and create white dots over the black dots in such a way, keeping in mind that the white overlaps the black dots, leaving behind a portion of the black dots well visible. Let the complete nail art dry.

Step Five: Once it has dried, finish off with a transparent top coat of nail polish.

  • Nail Paint used to create this Nail Art: Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer

  • Dotting Tools purchased from HERE (Not a sponsored or Affiliate Link)

Yes, it is that easy! So go ahead, and show off your well manicured nails with this DIY Polka Dotted Nail Art. Please do share this post if you found the Nail Art simple and useful.

Also, your feedback encourages me a lot, specially after a hard day at work, when I realise what I am writing is being read across the globe. Hence please do leave in a comment whenever you happen to visit my blog. It is therapeutic. Trust me!



15 thoughts on “DIY Polka Dotted Nail Art

  1. I never try nail arts because I know I’ll end up ruining it. That’s why I appreciate people who have great nail art skills. Love how they turned out!

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