About Tic Talk Toe

Life seemed mundane and colourless, when Tic Talk Toe clicked!

Hi, I am Sanandita (Sha-non-dee-taa), and I love to interact with people. Right now I am juggling between being a full-time legal practitioner and writing for Tic Talk Toe.



Tic Talk Toe is where you sail through the City of Joy with my lens, where you get to discover an old recipe in a new way, where you furbish a neglected corner with an easy DIY, where you get to read candid reviews on makeup and skincare products, and so on….

Like a warm fluffy blanket on a cold night, like the smell of the wet earth during monsoons, like the sound of the innocent giggles of a toddler….Tic Talk Toe is our very own space of sharing what we feel, what we experience, what is called LIFE!

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