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Documenting Part One was great fun, and now that we are left with just a day to go for Mahalaya, I must shrug my laziness and pen down Part Two.

  • So Day Two, in the morning, we start with the pandal right across where we live, Jodhpur Park Pally Mangal Samity (Right on EEDF Bus Stop, Taltala Maath). To reach here, get down at Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station and take an Auto towards Jadavpur Thana, and get down at EEDF. This will be on your left. After you are done with Pally Mangal Samity, walk a few lanes and arrive at Jodhpur Park 95 Pally, where another spectacular pandal will greet you. Finish off Jodhpur Park with Jodhpur Park Sarbojanin Durgotsav.
  • Cross the road and you can visit both Selimpur Pally, and Babubagan Club, near Dhakuria (at a walking distance).

From here, there are two options. You might head towards Santoshpur and cover the three famous pandals over there. Or you might take a bus to Gariahat, and start all over with Ekdalia Evergreen, Singhi Park, Hindustan Park, and so on (as described in PART ONE), but in reverse order!

  • For Santoshpur, you can take a bus (206, 1B, Santoshpur BBD Bag Mini Bus) or a cab. For Auto, take an auto upto Jadavpur 8B, and from there another auto upto Santoshpur (However, please check if Autos ply after 4p.m.). Once you arrive at Santoshpur, you can start with Santoshpur Trikon Park and then walk up to Santoshpur Lake Pally and Santoshpur Avenue South. Particularly Santoshpur Avenue South, because they had put up a fantastic show last time. A pandal based on the theme street hawkers. A hidden gem it was! 
  • After Santoshpur is covered, you can head back home for some rest, or again head to Kasba (covering Bosepukur, Rajdanga Nabauday Sangha as described in PART ONE).

  • In the evening, you can start off with Mudiali Club and Shibmandir (Near Kalighat-Rashbehari Avenue). And then proceed to Badamtala Ashar Sangha-Chetla-Deshapriya Park-Hinduatan Park-Gariahat Ekdalia Evergreen/Singhi Park (as described in PART ONE).
  • Alternatively, after covering Mudiali Club and Shibmandir, you can proceed towards Haridevpur (You will get ample number of bus from Mudiali). All their three famous pandals are within walking distance : Ajeya Sanghati Club, Haridevpur 41 Pally Club and Vivekananda Park Durga Puja (all within proximity). You can end the day here 🙂

Disclaimer : The routes and directions mentioned here are all rough estimates. Of course they have been tried by us over the past five years, but please follow them at your own convenience.

Will come up with Part Three soon. North Kolkata er oli-goli, here we come. 

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