We are Live!


I will always remember this post as my journey into the world of blogging.

As a child, I would often read essay books and literature quite fascinated me. After having graduated from a law school, five years of my professional life “and counting” was dedicated exclusively to drafting deeds, proofreading agreements, issuing criminal complaint notices and so on. However, there was another side of me (beyond my 10 – 7:30 job), which yearned for a freestyle writing space.

And thus, after years of deliberation and hesitation, Tic Talk Toe was born! I am not quite sure as to the time that I can afford to my baby blog, but I do look forward to get into content writing as much as possible.

It’s 2 o’clock in the morning, and I have a court case hearing at 10:30 tomorrow! Must rush off to sleep.

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