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Five Unique Ways of Making your Wedding Memorable

Quoting SRK from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Rahul: हम एक बार जीते हैं, एक बार मरते मैं, शादी भी एक बार होती है, और प्यार, प्यार भी एक ही बार होता है!

Well, on this note, assuming that we get married once in our lives, why not make it a memorable day, not only for you, but also for your guests, so that it is remembered for years to come. And yes, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it memorable. Little things, including small gestures truly count in making it a day to be cherished for your guests. And when you look down the memory lane, you will indeed feel special about it.

Here is what I did for making my wedding a little more unique, a little more memorable.

Personalised Invitation Cards


Though wedding invitation cards at the printing store in College Street, Kolkata have a variety of fonts and designs, I decided to convince my daddy to pen it down in his handwriting and then get it printed. The result? I got numerous compliments from the guests whom we had invited. When they learnt that it was my father’s handwriting that was printed in the card, they could not help, but appreciate that little gesture that he had put for his doting daughter.

While we went to the printing store to have our card proofread, an unknown customer at the card store said they wanted this font for their invitation cards. It was hard to convince them that this isn’t a font, but my dad’s handwriting.


Personalised Board at the Wedding Entrance

Daddy dearest again came to his daughter’s rescue when she insisted of having a personalised board bearing the name of the bride and the groom (me and my husband of course) crafted by him. Though it was a last minute decision, and required a lot of hard-work, some emotional blackmailing came to my rescue in convincing daddy about it. The result? I still have the board neatly stacked in my house. And everytime I see it, it reminds me of his hard labour.

And what did I do for the reception’s gate, where the groom’s name is to be put up first, followed by the bride? Simple. Requested daddy dearest again. With a lot of patience and craftsmanship, the board was reversed in no time.

Personalised Return Gifts

How do you make the “Borjatri” (Guests from the groom’s side) happy? Welcome them with a smile. Feed them with delicious food. Ask them at the end of the meal, “Thik kore kheyechen toh?” (I hope you have enjoyed your meal). And how do you make the “Borjatri” feel special? Hand them over a personalised gift. They will be more than happy to remember the gesture for years to come. Afterall, who does not like return gifts?

Involving the guests

My sangeet was an impromptu event. Everybody knew we had a sangeet, but nobody knew what would be the “plan of action” for the event! No, we did not have any rehearsals for my sangeet. Something like Go as you Like. We did not hire a DJ. Just the basic music player with a loudspeaker that belted out numbers randomly. Slow songs were skipped. Fast paced songs were repeated. We did not know which song was next in queue. But everybody present at my sangeet shook a leg. From 6 to 60, everybody had to dance! Everybody enjoyed. Everybody participated at the dance floor. An unplanned event ultimately culminated into one of the most memorable evenings of my life, thanx to the guests who got themselves involved and enjoyed the event.

Give your wedding your Personal Touch

Well, to make your wedding a memorable one, make sure you participate and involve yourself in all possible manners. I had all the important phone numbers with me and followed up with most of the vendors on my own. The marriage registrar, the florist, the caterer, the decorator, the electrician, the photographer, the makeup artist, the videographer, the mehandi artist, everybody was booked very well in advance and I insisted on following up with most of them on my own. That way, I would be in a loop of what was happening around me for the wedding day. I knew the kind of decor I wanted to see, the kind of garland I wanted to wear, the kind of look I wanted for the event, the kind of food that would be served to the guests. So have things sorted out from the begining, so that there is no unnecessary confusion at the last moment. And lastly, smile, relax and be happy. That way you can enjoy the most memorable day of your life to the fullest.

Author’s Note: The opinion expressed above were my personal views and there can be no hard and fast rule for planning your wedding.  

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