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I am an ardent hoarder of stationery products, and for me, the beginning of a year would usually mean buying tons of greetings cards and diaries. Take me to a stationery shop, and I will start behaving as if I am a child in a candy store! Highlighters in various colours, post it sticky notes, board pins, stickers, labels, wrapping papers, all of these have always fascinated me! To add to it, ever since I stepped into the field of Law, I realised the value of having your own space where you can jot down things quickly. Being an advocate by profession, my day starts with a quick glance at my organiser, which has all the cases scheduled for the day, and the meetings lined up next with the clients. Not to forget the conferences with counsels after Court hours and my pending “to do” list. Hopping on next comes my grocery and vegetable shopping list for the week, followed by what chores are to be done for the day (We have a “no maid” self imposed policy at our place). And next in line, yes you guessed that right, what post am I working on next for my blog. I keep penning down my random thoughts for my blog posts, because I must admit, I am quite forgetful. I must also confess that I am more dependent on my organiser than any other gadget at the moment.

This January, on one of my casual visits to Office Linc (which is situated bang opposite to my office), I had chanced upon MatrikaS Stationery Products, and had picked up one of their small diaries for jotting down my case dates. It was a small, compact and easy on the pocket diary, which was why I decided to try it. It was sealed, hence I wouldn’t know about it’s paper quality. But the paper quality was impeccable. Hence, I was very well familiar with this brand. Recently, I came across their “Scribble your heart away….” Campaign 2! on their Facebook page 

I registered for their Creative Woman’s Journal Blogger Outreach Program, and received a beautiful Journal in 3 days flat by Airmail, which was packed very securely. The Journal was also accompanied by a personalised letter, which was quite impressive!

The Creative Woman’s Journal was hard bound and the cover came in a bright red coloured jewel toned satin cloth with a Quill screen printed on it along with golden dots (“To Write” being the theme of the Journal, hence the quill)! It immediately reminded me of my wedding saree. The word “Write” was very intelligently embossed on the side of the quill (Spot it out!). I loved the contrast of the beautiful metallic gold coloured quill on the red satin cover of the journal.

Introductory page about The Creative Woman’s Journal

The Round Back & Round Corner feature of the Creative Woman’s Journal added a touch of sophistication. The paper used in this Journal is of A5 size and the pages are of superior quality, both plain as well as ruled to jot down your thoughts. The pages are undated, meaning thereby, they can be used even in the succeeding years. Their website describes the pages as Creative Single Colour Inner on Natural Shade Paper. There is a Satin Page Marker in black to mark your pages, so that you can catch up where you last left the page.

The Creative Woman’s Journal contains eight Adult Colouring Pages which are incredibly relaxing and as you can let your mind wander or simply concentrate on your coloring. These days, colouring pages are no longer just for the kids! In fact, adult coloring books have gained quite popularity. Researchers and art therapists have harped upon their calming benefits for over a decade now. Afterwards, you’ll feel refreshed and get ready to face your tasks for the day. I am surely trying my hand at this after a long hectic day at work!

While the Adult Colouring Pages came as a surprise in The Creative Woman’s Journal, what followed next in the surprise league were these quirky stickers specially meant for creative writing. I cannot just wait to paste these stickers in the blank pages of the Journal and scribble down my thoughts.

Next came in pages earmarked for making a list of “Books to be read”, “Places to be visited”and “Name and Address”of your contacts. What a thought provoking feature! I cannot wait to jot down my list.

The Creative Woman’s Journal also carries a Pouch on the Back Cover for safely hoarding bits of papers, stickers, labels, etc.
It has an Elastic for Safe Locking your thoughts and protects your privacy. It also carries a little loop that acts as a Pen Holder, so that you don’t have to look for a pen when you want to write. These intricate details really speak a lot about the Brand, and that they have put in quite a lot of thought before developing this product.

A short description about those who are yet to explore MatrikaS

Their range of products includes Notebooks, Journals, Diaries and high quality book making services. Their factory and head office is known by the name “SFA Print Private Limited” located at Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu which is well known for its fire cracker, match and printing industries. Amazon ships their products Pan-India and a selected range of their products are also available at Office Linc. A quick glance at their website, while penning down for this blog post revealed that they are indeed true to their Corporate Social Responsibilities and have given back to Mother Earth by using wind mill as their source of most of their power needs. They even create jobs, support local schools, sponsor local activities that benefit the youth of the area, which is a commendable thing to do.

You can get to know more about the brand, their products and activities by visiting

You can buy MatrikaS products on Amazon by clicking here (Not a sponsored link).

Link of The Creative Woman’s Journal that was described in this blog post.

The Creative Woman’s Journal comes in four variations, each with a different cover

1. Butterfly – Pink “To Dream”
2. Dragonfly – Dark Brown  “To Fly”
3. Quill – Red  “To Write”
4. Fish – Blue  “To Glide”

Price – Rs.450/- INR (Surely worth it, considering the quality and the value!)

Thumbs Up for:

  • The quality of the Journal, both the binding and the paper
  • The size (Neither too big nor too small)
  • Special features like adult colouring pages, stickers, pen holder, pouch on the back cover, etc.

Thumbs Down for:

  • Really cannot think of any cons, except for the fact that a student might find the price on the steeper side!

Overall, The Creative Woman’s Journal will surely help me in organising and planning my daily life. 

Do let me know your views about this product by commenting in the comments section below. Found this post useful? Please do share it with your friends. And until then, Happy Writing!

Still wondering whether to buy it or not? Take a tour down this video By MatrikaS, a live preview of The Creative Woman’s Journal.

Disclaimer: I was sent MatrikaS The Creative Woman’s Journal as a part of their Creative Woman’s Journal Blogger Outreach Program. However the opinion penned down in this blog post are honest and unbiased. 

 Love, Sanandita P.

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    1. Actually words cannot do justice to this product. You actually need to feel the pages of the Journal for its superior quality. Their collection is indeed amazing. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  1. Being a Sivakasian I’ve never heard about this brand. No doubt they make lovely journals? The irony is, their factory is just beside mine ? Will check this out real soon ? lovely review !

  2. Really appreciate your effort, I really wonder that Matrikas has sent all bong beauties that feather embossed copies!! I have also got the same and very much into it these days.

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