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Eat Any Time (E.A.T.) Bars | Healthy Snack | Nutritional Bar | Review

I am a foodie, and naturally, my love for snacking in between meals is profound. Since my office is situated in a very prominent location in Calcutta (near Dalhousie), I have an assorted option for having delicious street side food at a very reasonable price. However, the amount of weight and fat that I have piled on in the last 2 years is alarming. Couple that with a hectic sedentary lifestyle, and I am left with very little or practically no time for exercising.

I cook my own meals everyday and do not depend on a maid or on any member in the family. Having said that, I admit that at times it becomes very strenuous for me to plan a meal, cook, clean and then repeat the same for all the days in a week. There are days when I love cooking an elaborate meal (usually on Sundays). And again there are days when I am left with very little time to even think about a meal, forget cooking.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, since I am always time-pressed, I do end up skipping breakfast on some days. Then once I board the bus for office, I start feeling hungry and dizzy. And once I reach office, I rush to have the very unhealthy kachauri-sabzi (kochuri-torkari) for breakfast! Well, once in a while it is okay to indulge in it, but of late, this has become a consistent meal.

Smart snacking is the mantra of recent times. However, can healthy snacking be fun? I doubt! And truth be told, I might be the right person to seek legal or skincare advice, but I am definitely not the right person to give advice on healthy eating! However, when I received a call from Eat Any Time asking me to try out their nutrition bars, I gladly agreed. The product arrived via Amazon in between 3 to 7 days, and was securely packed.

The brand EAT Anytime manufactures Nutrition Bars that are Healthy Energy bars. They make wholesome and healthy snacks of 100% natural ingredients such as Dates, Nuts, Oats, Seeds, etc.

Each product is carefully blended under the supervision of a Nutritionist to provide you a perfect Balanced Meal packed in pocket sized healthy energy bars.

Eat Anytime comes in six exotic and unique flavors, out of which I had received five to try, in exchange for an honest review.

Variants Available: 

Orange, Butterscotch, Mango Ginger, Bambaiya Chaat, Choco Peanut Butter and Cool Mint. I tried the first five of them.

Choco Peanut Butter : This one was my favourite. Tasted like a healthy chocolate with peanut butter in it. I will definitely re-purchase this one.

Orange : Tasted like a bar with orange marmalade on it. I liked this as well, since I love orange as a fruit.

Butterscotch : If you are craving for something sweet, go for this. It tastes like butterscotch ice-cream, except for the fact that it is a healthier option. How about that? So you know how to satisfy your cravings for desserts.

Mango Ginger : This one had a very unique taste, more like aam-shotto (aam-papad). The gingerly flavour was well balanced and gave it a twist!

Bambaiya Chaat : My least favourite of all the bars, and honestly, it did not go very well with my taste buds. It was sour, and a little spicy as well. Did not like this flavour at all!

The nutrition facts were clearly mentioned on each packet. The total fat, calories, carbohydrates, protein, weight and manufacturing/expiry dates of the bar, everything was indicated very clearly in detail. This will help our healthy eaters make a conscious choice. Also the bars are vegetarian. I say, every person who is trying to loose weight, but has a sweet tooth must try this once to see if they can give up on sugary snacks.

Why prefer Eat Anytime over other snacks?

  • Perfect & Healthy Snacking : Low in sugar and fats, easy to carry and tasty to eat, E.A.T. is a perfect snack on the go.
  • The Power Of Seeds : E.A.T. bars bring to you the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and the Omega 3 to keep you healthy.
  • High In Fibre : E.A.T. contains fiber both soluble and insoluble making it a yummy snack for your tummy.
  • Suitable For Vegans : Good news for vegans, E.A.T. meets all your expectations as our bars are nutritionally balanced and free of animal products.
  • Instant Energy : The wholesome bars are equipped to energize you, uplift your mood and keep you focused.
  • Suitable For Kids : Perfect replacements for chocolate, the bars are a healthier snack for your kids than a bag of chips.
  • Natural Energy : Made up of 100% natural ingredients, E.A.T. bars provide natural energy to keep you active through the day.

Talking about the quality of the bars, although it was full of nuts, it still did not feel crunchy, and instead felt tough on my teeth.

I lead a very hectic lifestyle. I leave home at 9 in the morning and often don’t get time cook meals. Eat Anytime will come to my rescue for the breakfasts that I miss. I also have back to back conferences, and there are days where I don’t even get the time for watching what I eat. Eat Anytime will be my companion for snacking in between meals, or when I am travelling and get hunger pangs. I will just have to ensure that there is one of these in my bag from now. Will I repurchase? Only the Choco Peanut Butter variant will be worth a repurchase in my opinion.

Eat Anytime comes in a pack of 6 bars. Each bar costs Rs.50/-  A pack of six bars will cost you Rs.250/-

You can buy their products from a variety of online shopping portals. They have been listed here

Eat Anytime is contributing their bit to eradicate hunger and promote healthy eating for the underprivileged, and that is definitely worth an applause. For every bar you buy, One Rupee is donated to make the lives of the underprivileged healthy. Read more about it here

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Ever tried nutritional bars? Do let me know how your experience was. See you in another post, until then, stay healthy!

Disclaimer: The nutrition bars were sent by Eat Anytime in exchange of a review. However the opinion penned down in this blog post are honest and unbiased. 

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