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Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask | Skin Care Facial Mask | Review

Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.   ~Erno Laszlo

Good skin requires healthy habits and regular care. It cannot be achieved overnight miraculously. The first step to healthy skin is by watching what you eat. And the second being, following your C-T-M routine (Cleansing-Toning-Moisturising). Including sheet masks as a part of your C-T-M routine could be a nice option, specially since most of us these days lead a busy life and cannot visit the beauty parlour for regular clean up or facial sessions. So what exactly is a sheet mask? A sheet mask is a thin sheet of cloth/fiber doused in a liquid-based formula that claims to moisturize, brighten, and even treat fine lines. It is extremely easy to use at the comforts of your home. Just spread it all over your face, leave it on for sometime and you are good to go. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Sheet Masks are all in trend now. When I had first started using sheet masks in 2014, Neutrogena had introduced its Fine Fairness Deep Whitening Mask. But after having achieved very average results at quite a high price in those days, I decided to quit using sheet masks. Recently, I  tried out The Face Shop’s Sheet Masks. While they felt good initially after use, nothing was very extra-ordinary about them. Then Mond’Sub got in touch with me to review their Sheet Masks. Honestly, I felt as if I could give this a try. Infact, I am trying to use quite a lot of them to see which one suits my skin the best.

Collagen is a protein produced by our cells that helps “hold” the skin together, keeping it looking younger and giving it firmness and elasticity. Collagen masks have become quite popular of late. People have started recognizing it’s benefits. They are made with a cloth drenched in hydrolyzed collagen and other anti-aging ingredients, and act as food for your face. Regular usage of collagen masks can make your skin smooth and supple while reducing the signs of aging.

Mond’Sub Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Masks have originated in China. They have a wide range of Face Mask Sheets – Collagen, Anti-Wrinkle, Brightening and Moisturising. I got to try their Anti-Wrinkle & Moisturizing Facial Mask. The product comes in a simple matte lilac and white packaging. Each pouch contains one sheet mask. This mask is suitable for dry, mature or prematurely-aging skin (I have dry skin). The ingredients are already mentioned on the packet. The benefits and instructions on how to use are also elaborated. The packet contains the manufacturing and expiry dates, but the price is missing! It weighs for 30 grams. Mond’Sub recommends an allergy test before using this mask for the first time. However, since I know that my skin is not at all sensitive, I went ahead directly with using it. I had refrigerated the mask 20 minutes before, so that it felt all cool and relaxing on my face!

After a hectic week at office, I was all set to rejuvenate myself on Sunday. I used the sheet mask right after I had my bath. So my face was already cleansed. I took the sheet out of the packet, and it was already dripping with a lot of serum. The mask was neatly folded in the packet. It had three layers. The outer layer (which looks like a plastic material) is to be thrown away. Very carefully, I removed the outer layer and placed the mask on my face (with the blue fiber outside). After placing it on my face, I removed the blue fiber. The serum on the blue sheet can be used to wipe your neck, hands, back (and I also used it on my feet, because i have intense dry feet). The instructions on the packet state clearly how the mask is supposed to be used.

Peeling off the Plastic Film

Trying it on

The mask fitted my face perfectly, and I did not have any trouble adjusting it. The fragrance was pretty mild. I left it on my face for around 20 minutes, after which I took it off. I massaged the serum that was there on my face and neck for a good 3 to 5 minutes. The serum on my face felt a little sticky. But that was not a very big issue for me. Thereafter, I did not wash my face. (Though on the packet they have written to wash off your face after use, but never do that)

My skin really felt extremely hydrated and soft. I could feel the difference. It appeared to be bright. Though I must admit that the glow did not last for long, but I am sure with continuous usage of this mask, your skin will be replenished with all the lost moisture. The mask did not break me out, and I was left with supple skin for the next two days. In fact, a lot of serum was left inside the packet, so I refrigerated the serum and took turns in applying it for the next two days.

Now the big question, would I recommend this mask?

Yes, to people having dry and matured skin, you can surely give this a try to see if it works for you. I am pretty satisfied with the way it worked on my skin.

Thumbs Up for:

  • Being affordable
  • Convenient to use
  • Easily available in India
  • Instructions and Ingredients both are mentioned clearly
  • Hydrates and brightens the face instantly
  • Wide range of products (in case you do not have dry skin, try their other sheet masks)
  • Sheets are drenched in a lot of serum
  • Travel friendly (I am already planning to carry few of them for my next vacation)

Thumbs Down for:

  • Asking to wash off the face after using the mask (one should never do this, the serum is to be left on after application for visible results)
  • Price is not mentioned on the packet (so I actually do not know what I am paying for)

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Will come back with a review for Mond’Sub Pomegranate+Sheep Placenta Facial Masks Sheet soon. Stay tuned!

Disclaimer: The sheet masks were sent by Mond’Sub in exchange of a review. However the opinion penned down in this blog post are honest and unbiased. 

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